Start your OmniShell Journey today!

Starting an electric vehicle charging operation is an exhilarating and complex endeavor, whether you’re setting up a single charger or outfitting a whole fleet. When you collaborate with Hypercharge, the procedure becomes straightforward, manageable, and hassle-free throughout the entire journey. Let’s outline the key stages we’ll go through together to ensure a triumphant launch, starting with our initial discussion and concluding with the collection of your inaugural charging income.

1. Determine your EV Charging Needs

  1. Who will be using the chargers.
  2. Which EV charger type.
  3. Where should they go.
  4. What are your goals.
  5. How many charging stations.
  6. Which ownership model.

2. Plan Your EV Charging Infrastructure


OmniShell can connect you with qualified, highly reputable experts in your area.


Your dedicated OmniShell account manager will collaborate with you and your electrical contractor to guarantee the infrastructure will support the chargers to be installed. We may decide together to make adjustments to the working plan, such as changing the location of the charging site or the type or number of chargers.


Where possible, we may advise that you oversize the electrical infrastructure so that more chargers may be added in the future without major upgrades, which can save you thousands of dollars.


Once plans are firmed up, the electrical contractor will provide an estimate of costs and secure any necessary permits.

3. Install and Commission

As the installation of the electrical infrastructure and charging stations gets underway, OmniShell will keep you informed of progress with regular updates. The installed chargers will then undergo a process called “commissioning,” which connects them to the public grid and ensures they are functioning properly and safely.

4. Time for Training

The final step before going live with your charging stations is a demonstration training session with Omnishell staff for those who will be managing the system.

5. Ongoing Support

Our partnership doesn’t end once your chargers are up and running! All OmniShell stations come with either a basic or comprehensive warranty, and your account manager will make sure any maintenance or repair work is conducted in an efficient and timely manner. Our preventative maintenance schedule heads off problems with regularly scheduled checkups.